Oliver Mayhall is a portrait and fine art photographer based in London. 

His abstract and surrealist work is an exploration of the thoughts and experiences gained from the world around him. Using both analogue and digital formats, and utilising props, lighting, and textures, he creates captivating and playful imagery that poses questions. 

Oliver has worked with clients including BAFTA, EMI Records, Crisis, Cubitts, Kinfolk, and The Telegraph Magazine, and has recently released a masterclass with Domestika. 

Oliver has received awards from The Association of Photographers, The British Journal of Photography’s Portrait of Britain, and Portrait Salon. His work has been exhibited at The Other Art Fair in London and in a solo exhibition by Cultura Inquieta in Madrid.

For all commercial, editorial and print sale enquiries: 

      E: info@olivermayhall.com

T: +44 (0) 7917 117 305

I: @oliver.mayhall

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